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September 26, 2005

Bike Commute Challenge '05

Today is the beginning of the final week of Bike Commute Challenge '05 - a friendly competition among local companies to log the most bike commute trips. My company is not extremely competitive in our class, but we're having fun and helping the environment while we're at it.

The entire month of September has been extremely cooperative in supplying us with mostly dry, temperate weather. Perfect for commuting! I've managed to bike-commute 1-3 days per week, which is about where I like it.

Old Town is under heavy construction right now with the 3rd and 4th Avenue Streetscape Plan, which makes biking around slightly more treacherous than before.

The MAX line is very close to home, but I enjoy riding all through downtown before I get on the train to the West Side. I relish the days when I can afford the time to commute by bike and public transit. Urban bike-adventuring always rewards with interesting sights, sounds, and, uh, smells.

Posted by mara at September 26, 2005 8:05 AM